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How to Clean Gold Empty How to Clean Gold

Post  prillroxie on 7/12/2009, 07:05

While gold does not tarnish, as other precious metals might, it can still lose its luster and discolor if not cleaned properly. The easiest way to clean gold jewelery is by using mild detergent, dissolved in water. Soak the jewelery briefly, then clean it well with a small brush. Be sure to get any dirt or oil build-up that has collected in creases or crevices of the jewelery. Then rinse well and polish with a soft cloth to be sure that there is no water or soap left on the gold.
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How to Clean Gold Empty Re: How to Clean Gold

Post  daerlone on 15/12/2009, 04:12

Hey, i want to say that gold is tarnish-resistant, but it can get dirty or smudged.It is important to check the stone settings of your jewelry periodically for any damage to the gold prongs or bezels. Immersing the jewelry in rubbing alcohol for a few seconds will restore the gorgeous sparkle to cloudy stones. It is very important to dry the jewelry thoroughly after cleaning before wearing or storing. And remember that pave set jewelry should never be immersed in water while cleaning gold jewelry.
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